I love the Lord, love my man, love our kids. I truly enjoy my family and am so blessed to live the life of a stay at home mama.

Kevin and I are high school sweethearts. We both grew up in Christian families in Williston, ND After dating for three years we married in 1996. Both of us went to college at UND in Grand Forks, ND. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and he earned his Master’s degree in History, studying Luke/Acts for his thesis.

Our first baby boy was born in 1998 with a rare chromosome disorder, Trisomy 13. He lived at home with us for a treasured two months before he passed away. His life enriched ours more than we’ll ever know.

A year later we had another son. Then two beautiful daughters and a third son. All healthy and wonderful.

With all four kids in tow, we moved overseas to Armenia for missions in 2009. We went to help missionaries who were already there, and served in all the ways we had since we dated and still do today: music, Bible study, and working with kids! Some of our favorite ministries.

We came back to the states and had our sixth baby, another sweet son! He was born seven years after our youngest! What a delight to all of us.

All these years we pursued adoption. Ever since our first child was found to be sick, and the doctors recommended we kill him before birth because of his rare condition, we had a desire to bring children who needed a family into our family! Every child deserves to be loved by family. We pursued adoption for over 15 years. Three little girls along the way could have been Crawfords but ended up in other families instead.

Today we’ve adopted 8 Cameroonian embryos! In 2015 I gave birth to our own adopted child, a darling daughter. Her twin never implanted and is waiting for us in heaven. The other babies wait to come home to us. Hopefully this summer two more will get their chance to come home!

Our kids are growing up into beautiful, smart, creative, hard working, God-loving, serving, kind young adults. We are so proud of each of them and love them so much. Our home is exciting with six kids spanning 17 years!

Kev is busy teaching Bible and doing tech ministries. I’m using my degree at home teaching our kids and also doing a foster care ministry. We still strive to serve God and others, just like we committed to do on our wedding day. I’m still crazy about my man all these years later.

He’s my best friend and more. We walk by faith, keeping our eyes on Jesus. He is so faithful and serving Him continues to be an adventure. Life is full.

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